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November 2023 Updates

Recap of a workshop for preprint peer review metadata, new tools for DocMaps, and requests for feedback.

Published onNov 14, 2023
November 2023 Updates

What’s new with DocMaps? 

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Recap: Building a Technological Foundation for Preprint Review

Several members of the DocMaps Implementation Group, including the DocMaps KF team, attended a workshop co-organized by Europe PMC and ASAPbio last month to discuss technological pathways for preprint review. Participants convened to collaboratively determine the key elements of preprint review metadata and mechanisms for sharing this information. You can read more about the “Supporting interoperability of preprint peer review metadata” workshop on the Europe PMC blog. Thanks to the co-organizers and participants for having us - we had a great time and conversation!

As part of efforts to enhance trust in preprints via preprint review, Europe PMC has developed an open source parser to select relevant metadata available from Sciety and Review Commons DocMaps, and display relevant information on Europe PMC. You can view reviewed preprints on Europe PMC via the Type filter or find the “Reviews and Evaluations” section on a individual preprint.

You can read more about Europe PMC’s work with these slides from Open Accces Week presentations:

Soliciting Comments for API Standardization Proposal

We’ve instituted a Requests for Comments (RFC) repository in order to solicit feedback from developers about new feature, change or improvement proposals to DocMaps RFCs are used to start a discussion about a proposed change and to get feedback from the community before any code is written. Our first proposal is an interoperability protocol for serving and querying Docmaps via API. You can read the first proposal here.

Seeking Widget Feedback

We are developing a visualization widget to display related reviews and commentary from other platforms for a given DOI based on existing DocMaps. We are looking for stakeholders to help us identify what information is most important to readers and which displays are most helpful in communicating information about reviews. We would love to have you join us for a short (30-minute) user research design session to provide valued insight and feedback, so please reach out at [email protected] if you have the time and interest. 

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