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Seeking input on the DocMaps Framework for representing peer review processes: Join our Co-Creation Community!

Published onFeb 01, 2021
Seeking input on the DocMaps Framework for representing peer review processes: Join our Co-Creation Community!

Over the past few months, the Knowledge Futures Group, ASAPbio, and the TU Graz’s Open and Reproducible Research Group have been working with a Technical Committee composed of leading publishers, technology and infrastructure developers, review services, taxonomy definers, and open science advocates to develop an initial specification, implementation guides, and a roadmap for future infrastructure to develop Doc Maps: a new community-endorsed framework for representing editorial research events at the research output level. We are now looking to discuss our initial proposal for a framework with a wider community of interested stakeholders, to continue in our goal of better capturing the review processes used on individual articles.

We are looking for interested stakeholders to join our DocMaps Co-Creation Community (CCC), provide feedback on our framework and join our discussion on DocMaps.

We recently held a webinar introducing DocMaps to the CCC which you can view below:

If you are interested in learning more, please look at the proposed Framework, provide comments on the Pub, and email us to make your interest known.

DocMaps: A Framework for representing peer review

Editorial practices (i.e., the processes, checks, and transformations that journals and publishing platforms apply to manuscripts, such as peer review, ethics checks, certification such as journal acceptance, etc.) are highly heterogeneous, and will become even more so as scholarly publishing is disrupted by new innovations, the open science movement, and the removal of barriers to entry. To add more transparency to existing processes and support new emerging evaluation models, the community needs a machine-readable, interoperable, and extensible framework for representing and surfacing object-level review/editorial events. To do this, we are proposing the creation of the DocMaps Framework.

Doc Maps will initially focus on three key requirements for representing editorial events in a healthy publishing ecosystem:

  • Extensibility: the framework should be capable of representing a wide range of editorial process events, ranging from a simple assertion that a review occurred to a complete history of editorial comments on a document to a standalone review submitted by an independent reviewer;

  • Machine-readability and interoperability: the framework should be represented in a format (or formats) that can be interpreted computationally, used by multiple services, and translated into visual representations; and 

  • Discoverability: the framework should be publishable such that events are queryable and discoverable via a variety of well-supported mechanisms.

The output of the project will include a specification for representing editorial events as Doc Maps, implementation guides for publishers and technology providers, and a roadmap for future development of a Doc Maps ecosystem, including aggregation and discovery services.

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