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July 2023 Updates

Rewatch the DocMaps Webinar, work with the SDK, respond to the RFC API Proposal, and provide roadmap feedback.

Published onJul 20, 2023
July 2023 Updates

What’s new with DocMaps? 

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Rewatch our Webinar

Thank you to all of those who were able to attend the DocMaps webinar on Wednesday! Special thanks to eLife, EMBO, CSHL, and ePMC for showcasing their implementation progress. If you missed our webinar or wish to rewatch any portion of the event, you can view the recording here.

You can also view our participation in the Best Practices webinar series hosted by HighWire Press:

Best Practices Webinar Series: Revolution in Peer Review Workflow

Work with SDK

We celebrated the launch of the SDK, making it easier for developers to integrate DocMaps into existing technical workflows. Take a look at the technical documentation for the packages and tools maintained by the DocMaps project, including the GitHub Source, Docmaps-SDK Docs, and Demo Webapp

Soliciting Comments for API Standardization Proposal

We’ve instituted a Requests for Comments (RFC) repository in order to solicit feedback from developers about new feature, change or improvement proposals to DocMaps RFCs are used to start a discussion about a proposed change and to get feedback from the community before any code is written. Our first proposal is an interoperability protocol for serving and querying Docmaps via API. You can read the first proposal here.

Seeking Roadmap Feedback

We recently updated our roadmap to reflect the progress of DocMaps over the last six months, providing the high-level list of social/technical projects we've prioritized, what we're currently working on, and what we've done. You can review the roadmap here - we encourage discussion of the roadmap with others on this list by replying directly to this email. You can also email [email protected] privately for clarification. 

Join our community! 

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